Terms & Conditions

Updated: 25/04/2018

TOS – Textures


Thank you for purchasing a texture pack from True Blue Designs.

The following Terms & Conditions apply to these and/or any textures created by Natalie Oe.

1) You may not resell these textures as a single texture and or as part of a texture bundle.
1a) Textures created by Natalie Oe are only resellable as part of your creations.

2) Textures may not be given to another Avination resident (exceptions may be made upon contacting me)
2a) You may pass textures between your own Avination “Alts” but the same TOS apply to all avatars owned by you.
2b) If your are an instructor who wishes to use these textures for your class and need to pass them out to students please contact me via notecard prior to doing so to obtain permission.

3) You may modify these textures as much as you wish and then re-upload your modification to your chosen world but can not resell that texture unless it is as part of your own creation.


TOS – Animations

You May:

1) Use this product in creations made by you and then resell said products.
1a) Please make sure to change permissions to remove copy allowance.

You May Not:

1) Resell this animation as is or as part of a bundle. This also applies to simply placing the said animation in a poseballs and reselling the poseball.

2) Pass as a full permission version to any other  resident.
2a) exceptions may be considered, please contact me either through PM

Immediate action will be taken against any person(s) found reselling these animations against the above mentioned terms & conditions.

If you should have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.
Natalie Oe


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