2 New Texture Packs Released

Released today @ True Blue Designs.

Baseboard Paint Textures: 40 textures, Includes textures with & without baseboard & Mouldering: IZ$450


ChiChi Damask Wallpaper: 144 Textures, Includes textures with lighting & mouldering, as well as without: IZ$599


Available Locations:


Main Store: Starfall

Secondary Stores: Seda & Tiger Rose Island.

Stalls: The Land Of Oz & AD City


Inbiz: Click Here



First textures of 2014!

True Blue Designs is proud to present the first 5 texture packs of 2014.

Colourbond Sheeting: 18 Textures + Contact Sheet IZ$390


Colourwash Siding: 20 Textures + Contact Sheet IZ$400


Exterior Finish Textures: 108 Textures in 6 different styles + Contact Sheet IZ$599


Shingle Sidings: Includes 14 Textures + Contact Sheet IZ$350


Stratum Floors: Includes 20 textures in 2 different styles + Contact Sheet IZ$400


Available at the following locations:

Inworldz: Starfall, Seda & Tiger Rose Island

Inbiz: Click Here

3 New Animations & Some Poses

Newly Released: 3 Animations- As seen in the whale watching center

Park Bench Sit

Read The Sign

Stand & Point

Animations available in no copy version & full permission version.

Also released 6 still modeling poses – try them in store (also available no copy or full permission)

Only available at Tulloona Isle


Charcoal Suede Lounge (Couch) Suite

The Charcoal Suede Set has arrived.

Includes: 2 Arm Chairs, 2 Seater, Coffee table & Accessories.

Pre-loaded with MLP & 13 animations & Poses.

All lounge (couch) suites can be purchased in sets or seperate pieces.


Scripted Hot Dog Vendor

3 choices of hot dog.

Napkin activates eating animation.



Scripted Seafood Soup

Just released: 10 Delicious flavours of seafood soup.

Touch bowl for a wearable bowl & spoon (activates eating animation on wearing)

Available in the kitchen section @ Tulloona Isle


Scripted Soup Bows

Just what you need to warm your bones, Bowls of Soup.

5 Delicious flavours, Touching gives you wearable bowl of soup & spoon, eating animation activates on wearing

IZ$50 each – Available in our kitchen section @ Tulloona Isle


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