Charcoal Suede Lounge (Couch) Suite

The Charcoal Suede Set has arrived.

Includes: 2 Arm Chairs, 2 Seater, Coffee table & Accessories.

Pre-loaded with MLP & 13 animations & Poses.

All lounge (couch) suites can be purchased in sets or seperate pieces.


Black Couch with Red Accessories

Introducing the first release to True Blue Designs furniture section.

The black couch with red accessories, Comes pre-loaded with 13 animations & poses. Controlled using MLP. Seats up to 3 people at one time (Chooseable through menu selection)

Available only at our Tulloona Isle location.


In the coming weeks I will be adding Add-On animation packs that will work only with this couch set, so check back regulary!